Working Hard[ly] For You 

First order of business...This is H. Thomas [Tom] Jarrell, he has been a District Court Judge in Guilford County, North Carolina for over 10 years now. You have no choice, there's no one to run against him. The county can't attract quality attorneys [and they don't want to]. Read about his reprimand. If you or I committed a crime of this magnitude in Guilford County, NC, we would be picking our toes in the newly built 'Sheriff Barnes Hilton', that beautiful county prison that dominates the Greensboro Skyline. On that note, our children are coming out of county schools less educated than on the way in and prisoners get a new modern facility... Pfff! [cocktail hour is 4pm] . Think about it, is there THAT MUCH crime in the county? So it's not a safe place to raise a family or start a business? It's the only county [out of 100] in NC with TWO Court houses... convictions, not justice makes for good bu$ine$$. And where do you think the money is going? For sure, not the schools.

Come back soon  for more about Guilford County, North Carolina, Tom Jarrell and the rest of our 'honest and upright' government officials. Do note that NOTHING good has ever happened in Guilford County... Greensboro 4, Greensboro Massacre, endless stories of corruption... why even favorite son, O Henry left Greensboro in disgust of racism.

Guilford County, NC is North Carolina's 'Clearing House for Corruption', case in point... when John Edwards needed to ensure he would be cleared of criminal charges who did he turn to? His 'Good Ole Boy' network in Guilford County. And...why the HELL to they hire a Asst. DA that was FORCED TO RESIGN her prior county job? Because she's desperate for another job and grateful to have another... she will do what she's told! Regardless of the ethic involved... Wake Up and smell the corruption!

They're robbing us blind! Controlling the law and our tax money to serve the continuity of 'old money' wealth and depriving us of education, quality services and JUSTICE! 

Stay tuned whilst I 'rev up' with amazing tales of my pilgrimage through injustice, corruption, discrimination and flat out incompetency. My eyes have SEEN the glory!  

Guilford County Legal System... an oxymoron.

Guilford KKKounty...  Back in the Hood

a US Citizen's report on corruption, incompetency and discrimination in Guilford County, North Carolina

Bookmark this site and come back... I have much to report. Find out the truth, then do something about it. Challenge authority! It's your constitutional right!


Get Involved! It's your Patriotic Duty

Appealing to Americans to  Wake  Up! Become Informed of the Truth!

If not for you, do it for your children... WE have the power to the cure the cancer that has embraced the core of Guilford County once and for all! Enough is Enough! Time are a changin'... embrace it.